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Kindergarten or TK is abbreviated as early childhood education (age 6 years or below) in the form of formal education. Kindergarten curriculum emphasis on providing educational stimulation to promote the growth and physical and mental readiness of the child to have to enter further education. The main objectives and activities within the framework of the schooling system in which to unite education and creative learners. The goal is to develop the potential-potential students, including the potential for creative response to the things about life. People think that when the creativity of students is low, then there is less pedagogically fit within the framework of the system and schooling activities. during this learning process was routine and static, even if there are changes or improvements nature is still fragmentary and partial. Though the renewal and change is not only a methodical didactic course, but also concerning the aspects of pedagogical, philosophical, input, process and output.

Kepolisian indonesia
The police are a public institution that regulates civil order (the order) and the law. But sometimes it is militaristis institutions, such as in Indonesia before the police removed from the Armed Forces. Police in charge of environmental justice as an investigator. In his job he was looking for evidence, testimonies from various sources, both witnesses and expert witnesses. Therefore, in Indonesia also known as the Police Civil Service, a unit commanded by a Police Civil Service Mantri (MP PP) under the sub-district level (formerly called the assistant district officer). First MP PP accountable to the district officer. Police Polis is also known by the term of Kings in Malaysia and Brunei. The term comes from the Dutch police are taking Politie from Latin politia politeia derived from the Greek word which means city residents or city government. This word was originally used to refer to "people who become citizens of Athens", then the understanding that evolved into "town" and is used to refer to "all city business." Therefore, in those days the city was an independent state. Also called Polis, or Polis Politea then defined as all business and activities of the State, also include religious activities

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